Big Mex Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana)


The Big Mex, scientifically known as Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana, is also known as Mexican Magic Mushrooms. The ancient Aztecs lived in what is now geographically known as Mexico, and this type of magic mushroom served them. According to research, this mushroom was initially found more than 2000 years ago. The Bix Mex magic mushrooms were once utilised by the Aztecs to communicate with their gods and get great revelations about nature, life, and the universe.

Big Mex has established itself as a dependable strain for users seeking a mild, conventional, and normal magic mushroom experience in the current era. Big Mex is renowned for striking a solid mix between spiritual inquiry and visual effects. With Big Mex, you can get the same life-changing epiphany as the Aztecs did in the present era.

Other significant impacts include improved originality and creativity, as well as an overall sense of happiness. Due to its mild and typical effects, it is perfect for first-time users. You will experience joy, optimism, and pleasure.

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Before guiding you from where to Buy Big Mex Mushrooms or Psilocybe cubensis mexicana for sale, let us acknowledge ourselves with its benefits and characteristics. Psilocybe mexicana grows naturally in parts of North and Central America, where it has been utilized in indigenous cultural activities for over 2,000 years, similar to many of the Psilocybe species that are currently recognized. During a two-year trip around Mexico (1953–1955) that included a visit to Maria Sabina, the Mazatec curandero credited with introducing psilocybin mushrooms to the world, Valentina Pavlovna Wasson and her husband Roger Gordon Wasson collected psilocybin Mexicana. The Wassons sent samples of P. mexicana to the French mycologist Roger Heim after their journey (in both senses of the word), who later visited Mexico to define the species and cultivate it in a lab.

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Psilocybe mexicana is a species of psilocybin mushroom that is well-known for producing sclerotia, which are hardened masses of mycelium that serve as a way for the organism to survive unfavorable conditions in nature. Other species in this group of psilocybin mushrooms include P. tampanensis and, to a lesser extent, P. cinctulus (nutrient depletion, drought, freezing, etc). Although these species’ sclerotia are occasionally referred to as truffles, this is a biological misunderstanding. Contrary to sclerotia, truffles are reproductive structures from a mycological standpoint—underground spore carriers that disperse their genetic payload through animal eating and subsequent excretion into other settings. True truffle-producing species are often ectomycorrhizal, which means that they depend on particular host tree species for their survival. Despite being found near many different types of trees, P. mexicana prefers manure-rich grassland as its home, leading Paul Stamets to dubbed these the “Mexican liberty cap” due to the two species’ fondness for similar habitats.

P. mexicana is the same as other psilocybin-containing mushrooms that are now prohibited in the majority of nations. The Netherlands is one exception to this rule, where psilocybin-containing mushrooms (including P. mexicana and 185 other species) have been prohibited since 2008. Sclerotia were not included in the ban when it was implemented by the Dutch government because it was thought that they were less potent than mushrooms, but as you’ll see in the potency section, this may not always be the case.

The legal exemption of sclerotia in the Netherlands has fueled a sizable industry, with numerous “clever shops” offering packets with names like Mushrocks, High Hawaiians, and Dragon’s Dynamite and making varied claims about the differences in their subjective effects across Amsterdam and beyond. In addition to smart shops, a number of “truffle retreats” have also popped up recently where visitors may partake in a variety of activities while being guided by experienced facilitators and therapists. Examples include Synthesis, which began operations in 2018, and Field Trip Health, which will launch its own retreat in 2021.

Once you buy big mex mushrooms or Psilocybe cubensis mexicana for sale people experience a variety of perceptual, emotional, physical, and mystical responses after ingesting it. They differ based on your set, environment, dosage, and other factors as well. Let’s examine the experiences you can anticipate from various dosages:

Effects of Low Doses of Psilocybe Mexicana (0.30-1.25 g)

Perception Effects-:

1. Colors progressively get brighter

2.Object edges seem to be more defined.

3.Everything appears to be in high definition.

4. Characteristics of things in a minor motion

5. The qualities of music and ambient noise differ.

Emotional Effects:

1. Feeling good

2. Calmness

3. Anxiety

4. A greater understanding of music

Physical Effects-:

1. A mild nauseous feeling

2. Dilated eyes

3. Boost temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate

4. A thin body height

Usually, when you Buy Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana trip lasts four to six hours. This time frame is generally reliable. Most sessions in psilocybin clinical studies can last up to six hours. The participants won’t experience any psychedelic effects after this point.

However, a number of variables affect how long a psilocybin experience lasts for any given person:

1.Dosage: Taking a little dose of magic mushrooms may cause a trip to last only a few hours, while taking a big dose may cause a trip to last six hours.
2.Consumption method: Mushrooms start working after around 30 minutes. It is thought that the citric acid in lemon juice breaks down the mushroom substance, sparing your body some time it would otherwise spend breaking it down. However, lemon tekking can speed up this process. When compared to consuming dried mushrooms as is, the lemon tek technique may produce a stronger onset and shorter travel.

3.A speedier onset may result from taking psilocybin mushrooms on an empty stomach as opposed to a full one.

4.If you use marijuana near the conclusion of a magic mushroom trip, it might prolong the experience. This is so because marijuana often intensifies the effects of psychedelic drugs. Not everyone, nevertheless, might experience this result.

I hope you like this article and not only find it informative but educational as well. And the best thing is if you are thinking to Buy Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana or Psilocybe Cubensis mexicana for sale, you can always rely on us. We are among one of the most prominent suppliers of psilocybe cubensis mexicana all over the world for us. We keep our customer satisfaction as our utmost priority. For further information you can visit here.

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