Arenal Volcano Magic Mushrooms


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Arenal Volcano Mushrooms, also known as Arenal Volcano magic Mushrooms, are a type of mushroom found on the Arenal Volcano. Psilocybe Cubensis Costa Rica (Costa Rican Magic Mushrooms) is a strain found in the foothills of Costa Rica’s arenal volcano cubensis. These mushrooms grow in the wild and prefer a warm, humid tropical atmosphere. They can be found at elevations of 1000-1200 feet above sea level. Order arenal volcano mushrooms, these mystical mushrooms have been rumoured to have been used by the local indigenous people since the beginning of time, growing at the base of a very active 7000-year-old volcano.

Buy arenal volcano mushrooms, Arenal Volcano magic mushrooms, according to our team, deliver an excellent blend of warm images and spiritual experience. Expect sensations of great love and interconnectedness, as well as warmth in your heart. There will also be some light sights. This strain is excellent for enjoying with your friends.

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Arenal Volcano’s Mysteries Mushrooms are a delicious strain that originated in the areas surrounding Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano, at elevations of 1000-1200 feet. They’re known for being difficult to grow for beginners because they’re not the most robust strain and bruise easily if not handled properly, but a good arenal volcano cubensis is a must-try for any mushroom enthusiast. Their thick, twisted stems and smaller, brownish caps appear unassuming, but a knowledgeable mushroom collector will appreciate the subtlety of the trip they produce.

They’re a relatively mild strain, but that doesn’t make them any less interesting. They, on the other hand, give you a wonderful feeling of warmth and lightness that pervades your entire being and makes you radiate positivity. These are a good option for more social situations because they don’t cause the same intense levels of introspection as some of their more potent cousins. Buy Arenal volcano mushrooms, the strain is also known to cause light tingling sensations, mild visuals, and a sense of spiritual openness. We highly recommend this mushroom to anyone interested in dabbling in the world of hallucinogens, as well as more experienced users seeking a milder, more comfortable experience.

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